All Together Now – 4

Title: Running Up That Hill: Making Digital Preservation Skills Accessible with Novice to Know-How Author(s): Sharon McMeekin and Melinda Haunton Abstract: Over the last three years, The National Archives (UK) and the Digital Preservation Coalition have collaborated on the development of a growing body of training content under the banner of the “Novice to Know-How” […]

All Together Now – 3

Title: Publishing Agricultural Data From the Morrow Plots: the Value and Logistics of Preserving a Long-Term Research Experiment Author(s): Bethany G. Anderson, Sandi L. Caldrone, Joshua K. Henry, Heidi J. Imker, Andrew J. Margenot and Sarah C. Williams Abstract: The Morrow Plots at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are the longest-running continuous experimental agricultural fields […]

All Together Now – 1

Title: Archiver Project: A Successful Public-Private Collaborative Project Author(s): Antonio Guillermo Martinez and Maria Fuertes Abstract: The ARCHIVER Project has brought together customers, with vendors, and with infrastructure providers in an outstanding successful public-private collaborative project, which has also been recognized with the Award for Collaboration and Cooperation which celebrates significant collaboration across institutional, professional, […]

Digital Accessibility, Inclusion and Diversity – 1

Title: The Rematriation Project: Building Capacity for Community Digital Archiving in Northwest Alaska Author(s): Erin Yunes, Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq and Kara Long Abstract: Directed by an Inuit-led and serving tribal organization, Aqqaluk Trust, in the frontline hub-community of Kotzebue, Alaska, the Rematriation Project: Restoring and Sharing Inuit Knowledges aims to create capacity for and access […]

From Theory to Practice – 6

Title: Software Preservation After the Internet Author(s): Dragan Espenschied and Klaus Rechert Abstract: Software preservation must consider knowledge management as a key challenge. We suggest a conceptualization of software preservation approaches that are available at different stages of the software lifecycle and can support memory institutions to understand the current state of software items in […]

From Theory to Practice – 2

Title: Creating Digital Preservation Plans: Leveraging Expertise Across Your Organization Author(s): Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Thomas Gremo and Sherrine Thompson Abstract: The creation of Digital Preservation Plans requires leveraging a wide range of archival expertise. Our panel will discuss each of the components we have identified for inclusion in our preservation plans, along with specific skills and […]