iPRES 2023: Global Perspectives on Digital Preservation

We are happy to announce the Call for Participation to share your site and process with the iPRES 2023 Community!

Keeping the "International" in iPRES

We’re inviting any interested participants to create a brief (5-15 minute) video tour that highlights your location, your digital preservation processes, and any other noteworthy aspects you’d like to share with the iPRES community.

We believe that showcasing the diversity of locations and preservation practices enriches our collective knowledge and fosters collaboration. Whether you work at a university, a community archive, or a research insititution, we encourage you to contribute your unique perspective! 

We’ll share these videos with iPRES 2023 registrants.  

During iPRES itself, we’ll offer several Zoom-based conversation times friendly to different time zones. These sessions will provide an opportunity for us to gather virtually, engage in meaningful discussions, and explore each other’s video tours.

How to share your site tour

Discuss Your Ideas

Get together with co-workers to brainstorm what you’d like to share or contact us!

Record a video

Record a brief video (5-15) to share with colleagues and friends about what you do and where! 

Share your video

Complete the form and submit your video now!

Some Ideas to Consider:

  • (If you have a camera handy) Show us some of your facilities, your co-workers, and your working process.
  • (If you have a camera or some reference photos or videos handy) Show us some of your city, your region, your library/workplace.
    • Not required but maybe fun: Show us a snippet about your favorite food/drink/restaurant. (If you could digitally preserve and share one recipe from your area, what would it be?)
  • What’s been your greatest success story in the past 5 years?
  • What’s the most interesting digital material / resource / project you’ve preserved in the past 5 years?
  • What sort of materials do you digitally preserve?
    • Text? Images? Video? Data? Software?
    • Born digital or converted from physical?
  • Where do your materials begin their lifecycle?
  • What are the steps from “something is created that we need to preserve” to “this is now preserved according to our standards and available according to our terms?”
  • What’s the best discovery / development / workflow hack that’s improved your process the most in the past 5 years?
  • What would you like to update / streamline, and what’s holding you back?
  • What do you wish you had, that could make the process easier / more reliable / more durable?
  • Approximately what is your average network bandwidth in your location?
  • Approximately what does a terabyte of storage cost per year for your system?
  • What software do you use?
  • Is there a version available in your language?
  • What hardware do you use?