PREMIS Implementation Fair Workshop, Exchanging Experiences using PREMIS

Presenter(s): Karin Bredenberg, Micky Lindlar, Sarah Romkey and Marjolein Steeman Abstract: This workshop functions as a meeting ground for PREMIS practitioners, researchers, and curious onlookers. As opposed to PREMIS tutorials, which focus on introducing the data model and data dictionary, the PREMIS Implementation Fair focuses on work currently undertaken by the Editorial Committee as well […]

Preserving Email Attachments with Attachment Converter

Presenter(s): Matt Teichman, Obi Obetta and Nischchay Karle Abstract: I. WORKSHOP CONTENT Email increasingly forms a core portion of many archives, and while tools are available for basic preservation of email messages, less consideration has been given to archival preservation and control of email attachments. It is essential to future research that these important records are […]

Understanding and implementing METS, A tutorial focused on METS 2

Presenter(s): Karin Bredenberg, Juha Lehtonen and Aaron Elkiss Abstract: This half day tutorial will provide participants with an introduction to the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) starting in METS version 1 and the METS Primer [1], but focusing on METS version 2. It will give a basic overview of METS and explore different models […]

Digital Accessibility, Inclusion and Diversity – 3

Title: The valorizing of the Tunisian radio archive Author(s): Sami Meddeb Abstract: After the revolution of 2011, resources for archival institutions in Tunisia became very limited for various complex political reasons. The Covid pandemic has made the situation even more unstable, especially for small organizations such as radio stations that need special attention because of […]

Digital Accessibility, Inclusion and Diversity – 2

Title: Community Archives at the Digital Repository of Ireland Author(s): Lisa Griffith and Kevin Long Abstract: The Community Archive Scheme is a bottom-up method of community engagement that the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) uses to work directly with no, or low, income groups who have digital material to preserve. The usual depositors of material […]

Immersive Information – 1

Title: Prioritizing Storage Media for Digital Archiving and Preservation Author(s): Leo Konstantelos and Emma Yan Abstract: This paper summarizes our efforts to-date at Archives & Special Collections, University of Glasgow, to develop a methodology and tool for prioritizing archival processing of digital collections stored in physical storage media. We present the sources and process we […]