A Sneak Peek into the iPRES 2023 Poster Session

iPRES 2023 Poster Committee

Setting the Stage!

From digital accessibility and inclusivity, innovative digitization methods and archival practices, access to born-digital archives, digital preservation systems and procuring them, embedding preservability in scholarly publications, and more, this year’s iPRES poster session promises to bring together an array of fascinating topics and an engaging format for both in-person and remote, synchronous and asynchronous, participants and presenters.

The iPRES 2023 hybrid poster session is currently scheduled for Thursday, September 21, from 11am-12:30pm CST in the Heritage Hall 2 conference room. 

Mark your calendars!

What to Expect

In the meantime, the Poster Committee wanted to give you a sense of what to expect with regard to format. 

On the day of, we will utilize Zoom to accommodate both in-person and remote participants and presenters. During the session, each presenter will have up to four minutes to present their electronic poster which will be viewable on a presenter screen as well as a shared screen in Zoom. (This year, posters will NOT be displayed in print or on TV carts, and they will only be presented during this session.)

Moderators from the Poster Committee will facilitate questions and answers following presentations during the session. They will ensure all participants can hear questions and answers from both in-person and online delegates.

In-person participants may optionally choose to remain in the room from 12:30-1pm for additional chats with other in-person delegates.

To accommodate asynchronous participation, this year we’ve also asked poster presenters to pre-record a 4-minute presentation about their posters. These recordings and their electronic posters will be made available to all delegates, whether in-person or remote, throughout the conference.

Finally, to assist with further interactions, a Jamboard will be set up for each poster so that participants and presenters can asynchronously ask and answer questions.

That’s about it! You can view a full list of posters, including their title, author(s), and a description, on the iPRES conference website: Posters – iPRES 2023

We hope to see you there!

the iPRES 2023 Posters Committee