Title: Repository Staff Perspectives on the Benefits of Trustworthy Digital Repository Certification

Author(s): Rebecca D. Frank

Abstract: This paper reports on the results from a qualitative study that asks whether and how staff members from TRAC certified repositories find value in the audit and certification process. While some interviewees found certification valuable, others argued that the costs outweighed the benefits or expressed ambivalence towards certification. Findings indicate that TRAC certification offered both internal and external benefits, such as improved documentation, accountability, transparency, communication, and standards, but there were concerns about high costs, implementation problems, and lack of objective evaluation criteria.

Type: Long Paper

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Title: Approaches to Digital Preservation Product and Service Sustainability: Comparing alternate approaches

Author(s): Jack O’Sullivan, Oya Y. Rieger, Kelly Stewart, Thib Guicherd-Callin, David Giaretta and William Kilbride

Abstract: How do we apply the lessons of ongoing evaluations of digital preservation sustainability within single institutions to the products and services on which this sector increasingly depends? The speakers will look at this key question from different viewpoints to pool best practice and explore the issues to ensure the community can expect more durable systems however they are delivered.

Type: Panel

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Wednesday, September 20