Teresa SoleauTransparency about digital file health at Getty
Matthew AddisThe embodied carbon footprint of long-term digital preservation systems in the cloud
Eld ZierauStatus of implementing the Persistent Web IDentifier (PWID) URN
Daniel GreenbergAI and preservation: Can we maintain a healthy relationship?
Gladys KemboiEmpowering Rural Communities to address Climate Change and Epistemic Injustice through Digital Archives
Veronica RobinsonMinimizing the “Danger Zone” with a Preservation-First Repository
Jenn RobertsWhat are the Rules of Sticker Club?
Danielle Spalenka“Maintenance Culture: Sustaining Access to Digital Creative Works”
Panagiotis PapageorgiouEmulation Framework for Archaeological Virtual Reconstructions
Linda TadicManaged digital preservation services founded by archivists
Lauren SerokaScaling up with our Digital Collections: Building the Next Generation Repository at the Library of Congress
Martin DrewOptimising discovery through automated transcription and full text search
Ola El ZeinA Virtual and Physical Exhibition with Stories of Diseases and Remedies in Antique Sources at the American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon
Antonio G MartinezPreserving 15PB of data in 1 month (500TB/day)
Antonio G MartinezWhy LIBNOVA decided to invest in supporting OCFL in LIBSAFE?
Micky Lindlar, Meredith Goins, Dawei LinWhy TRUST matters and how you can get involved

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