Program at a Glance

Get a sneak peek into the exciting sessions planned for iPRES 2023 while we finalize the full program. Stay tuned for a comprehensive lineup of engaging presentations!

Workshops and Tutorials

Session TitlePresenter(s)Format
Understanding and implementing mets, A tutorial focused on METS 2Karin Bredenberg, Juha Lehtonen and Aaron ElkissTutorial
Digital Preservation Tools for Developing Capacity and SkillsSharon McMeekin, Amy Currie and Jenny MitchamTutorial
How To Preserve Research Datasets – Labdrive TutorialAntonio Guillermo Martinez and Maria FuertesTutorial
Tutorial: Up And Running With ARK Persistable IdentifiersJohn Kunze and Donny WinstonTutorial
PREMIS Implementation Fair Workshop, Exchanging Experiences using PREMISKarin Bredenberg, Michelle Lindlar, Sarah Romkey and Marjolein SteemanWorkshop
Storage and Standards: Shaping Version 4 of the DP Storage CriteriaAndrea Goethals, Cynthia Wu, Eld Zierau, Sibyl Schaefer and Nancy McGovernWorkshop
Preserving Email Attachments With Attachment ConverterMatt Teichman and Ashley GosselarWorkshop
Server-Side Web Archiving Using ReproZip-WebKatherine Boss, Vicky Rampin, Remi Rampin and Ilya KreymerWorkshop
This Is Fedora 6.xArran Griffith and Dan FieldWorkshop

*Please note Workshops and Tutorials are taking place Tuesday, September 19. 

Long Papers

Session TitlePresenter(s)
2013 – 2023: A Review of Ten Years of Email Archiving in FranceMarion Ville
Not Well-Formed or Invalid. Now What? – Towards a formalized workflow for format validation error treatmentMicky Lindlar
Rethinking Digital Preservation: Conceptual FoundationsStephen Abrams
A Question of Character: How do we automatically recharacterize data at cloud scales?Jack O’Sullivan, David Clipsham, Divyesh Soni, Richard Smith and Jonathan Tilbury
Be careful what you campaign for: How formal organization practice may negatively impact adaptability aspects of preservationDaniel Steinmeier
Repository Staff Perspectives on the Benefits of Trustworthy Digital Repository CertificationRebecca D. Frank
Around for Decades, Gone in a Flash: How we dealt with Flash objects and the National Archives of the NetherlandsRemco van Veenendaal, Lotte Wijsman, Jacob Takema and Marin Rappard
Digital Preservation and Accessibility of Archives in Oman: Current Status and Future DirectionsAhmed Shehata and Abderrazak Mkadmi
Multilingual Labels for Digital PreservationKatherine Thornton and Kenneth Seals-Nutt
Publishing Agricultural Data From the Morrow Plots: the Value and Logistics of Preserving a Long-Term Research ExperimentBethany G. Anderson, Sandi L. Caldrone, Joshua K. Henry, Heidi J. Imker, Andrew J. Margenot and Sarah C. Williams
Running Up That Hill: Making Digital Preservation Skills Accessible with Novice to Know-HowSharon McMeekin and Melinda Haunton
IPARO: InterPlanetary Archival Record Object for Decentralized Web Archiving and ReplaySawood Alam
Software Preservation After the InternetDragan Espenschied and Klaus Rechert
Long-Term Preservation of a Software Execution StateRafael Gieschke, Klaus Rechert and Euan Cochrane
Content-Based Characterization of the End of Term Web ArchiveMark Phillips, Kristy Phillips and Sawood Alam

Short Papers

Session TitleSpeaker(s)
Monitoring File Format Obsolescence In Reporsitories. An applied methodSam Alloing
PDF/mail: From Theory Towards PracticeTom Habing, Peter Wyatt, Eden Irwin, Ruby Martinez, Duff Johnson and Christopher Prom
Saving Stan: Preserving the Digital Artwork of Joseph Stanislaus Ostoja-KotkowskiTaryn Ellis
Notions of value in digital objectsMichael Popham
The Long And Winding RoadKaryn Wiliamson
Creating an End-to-End Process for Implementing a Digital Archiving Workflow: How we are putting theory into practiceLeo Konstantelos and Emma Yan
Revision-safe archiving and license-controlled access using distributed ledger technologySven Schlarb, Roman Karl, Victor-Jan Vos, Carlijn Keijzer and Begoña Sanchez Royo
I Got A Letter From My Past Self: (Un)managed Change and ProvenanceRhiannon Bettivia, Yi-Yun Cheng and Michael Gryk
Levels of Digital Preservation: A Review in Terms of Trustworthiness of Digital RecordsÖzhan Saglik
The Rematriation Project: Building Capacity for Community Digital Archiving in Northwest AlaskaErin Yunes, Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq and Kara Long
Rescuing Legacy Digital Collections: Lessons Learned from Migrating Historical Bespoke Digital CollectionsKayla Maloney, Katrina McAlpine and Jennifer Stanton
Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Digital Preservation – A Case StudyMikko Tiainen, Juha Lehtonen, Heikki Helin and Johan Kylander
The Long And Winding RoadKaryn Wiliamson
The valorizing of the Tunisian radio archiveSami Meddeb
Community Archives at the Digital Repository of IrelandLisa Griffith and Kevin Long
The Gulf Coast LGBT Radio and Television Digitization Project Providing Equitable Access To Houston’s LGBTQ Broadcast HistoryEmily Vinson and Bethany Scott
Identification of Latin American organizations working in the field of digital preservation: Survey ResultsGabriela Andaur and Pilar Diaz
Documentation Good Practice: Bringing Order in Disruptive TimesJenny Mitcham
From Silos to Community: The Path to a Holistic Digital Preservation PolicyLaura McCann and Weatherly Stephan
Towards Preserving Web-Based Student Publications at Concordia UniversitySarah Lake and John Richan
Quality Preservation: Emerging Quality Assurance Practices in the Library of Congress Web ArchivesMeghan Lyon and Grace Bicho
Archiver Project: A Successful Public-Private Collaborative ProjectAntonio Guillermo Martinez and Maria Fuertes
Key Elements of a File Format StrategyTyler Thorsted
Banausic Processes: Qualitative Analysis Toward Bottom-Up Emulation WorkflowsEric Kaltman and Adam Larson
EaaSI preservation of Mobile ApplicationsEuan Cochrane, Jurek Oberhauser and Rafael Gieschke
Prioritizing Storage Media for Digital Archiving and PreservationLeo Konstantelos and Emma Yan
(How) It Works! A manifesto .. towards establishing a functional software collection at the Vienna museum of science and technologyAlmut Schilling and Nika Maltar
Find the Missing Piece: Adding Digital Preservation to the NFT Trading EcosystemPengyin Shan
Preserving online journalistic content in disruptive times: The case of collection.newsLok Hei Lui
Virtualization for processing and accessing digital archivesShelly Black, Brian Dietz, and Farrell
Evolution of Born-Digital Moving Image Processing : Moving to scalable and sustainable workflowsRachel Curtis and Laura Davis


Session TitlePresenter(s)
Creating Digital Preservation Plans: Leveraging Expertise Across Your OrganizationJeanne Kramer-Smyth, Thomas Gremo and Sherrine Thompson
Retrospective, Subjunctive, Prospective: Provenance Challenges Across TimeRhiannon Bettivia, Yi-Yun Cheng and Michael R. Gryk
Approaches to Digital Preservation Product and Service Sustainability: Comparing alternate approachesJack O’Sullivan, Oya Y. Rieger, Kelly Stewart, Thib Guicherd-Callin, David Giaretta and William Kilbride
Policies, Risks and Strategies: A File Format DebatePaul Wheatley, Sam Alloing, Valentijn Gilissen, Leslie Johnston, Kate Murray and Tyler Thorsted
The Curricular Asset Warehouse At The University Of Illinois: A Digital Archive’s Sustainability Case StudyKarin Hodgin Jones, Jimi Jones, Robyn Bianconi and Liam Moran
Community is We: Modeling Collective Action as a Framework for Digital PreservationNatalie Baur, Alexandra Chassanoff, Stacey Erdman, Jess Farrell, Mikala Narlock and Hannah Wang
Where are we Now? 2022-2023 NDSA Web Archiving SurveyElena Colon-Marrero
Lessons From The Future: Looking Back On Policy DevelopmentElizabeth England, Martin Gengenbach, Jenny Mitcham, Kieran O’Leary and Sharon McMeekin 
From Community-Supported Values to Action: Operationalizing the Digital Preservation Declaration of Shared ValuesHannah Wang, Courtney Mumma and Sibyl Schaefer
From Theory to Practice: Understanding the Evolution of a Digital Preservation Project from Conception to Final Repository. Some Real CasesAlmudena Caballos, Chris Knowles, Kate Cawthorn, Antonio Guillermo Martinez and Maria Fuertes
Tipping PointPaul Stokes and Karen Colbron
Volumetric Video for Preservation: Exploring the Possibilities and Challenges for Immersive BIPOC StorytellingZack Lischer-Katz, Rashida Braggs, Bryan Carter and Sven Bliedung von der Heide


Session Title Presenter(s)
A Storage and Search Demonstration with DNA-Encoded Text Laurel Provencher, Swapnil Bhatia and Sean Mihm
Digital Accessibility, Inclusion and Diversity Digitization of Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge in Shaping Food Security Across the Kenyan Coastal Region Maureen Kenga
Giving Access To Born-Digital Archives at the Archives Nationales (France): The Oedipus Riddle Emeline Levasseur, André Falut, Julien Fenech and Matias Ferrera
Establishing an Open-Source Package “Archive” Euan Cochrane and Rafael Gieschke
Procuring IT Systems – Thinking about digital preservation from the start Michael Popham, Jenny Mitcham and Paul Wheatley
Embedding Preservability: Iframes in Complex Scholarly Publications Karen Hanson, Jonathan Greenberg, Thib Guicherd-Callin, Scott Witmer and Angela T. Spinazzè
Plus Ça Change…? Paul Stokes and Sarah Middleton
Introducing Tabula: The University of Minnesota Libraries Digital Preservation System Carol Kussmann
A national repository platform for sharing the challenges of long-term digital curation of research data Arif Shaon, Marcin Werla and Alwaleed Alkhaja
A Storage and Search Demonstration with DNA-Encoded Text Laurel Provencher, Swapnil Bhatia and Sean Mihm
PREMIS in a Page Karin Bredenberg, Eld Zierau and Jack O’Sullivan
Metadata That Excludes: A Case Study of the Rock Springs Massacre in Digital Collections Yingying Han, Ruohua Han and Karen Wickett
The What, Why and How of a Digital Preservation DPS Paul Stokes and Karen Colbron