From Theory to Practice – 6

Title: Software Preservation After the Internet Author(s): Dragan Espenschied and Klaus Rechert Abstract: Software preservation must consider knowledge management as a key challenge. We suggest a conceptualization of software preservation approaches that are available at different stages of the software lifecycle and can support memory institutions to understand the current state of software items in […]

From Theory to Practice – 5

Title: Be careful what you campaign for: How formal organization practice may negatively impact adaptability aspects of preservation Author(s): Daniel Steinmeier Abstract: Digital preservationists often struggle using their expert knowledge to create change within their own organization. Because of this, they might need to resort to campaigning for decision-making authority. Why is this? Memory institutions […]

From Theory to Practice – 4

Title: IPARO: InterPlanetary Archival Record Object for Decentralized Web Archiving and Replay Author(s): Sawood Alam Abstract: We proposed a decentralized version tracking system using the existing primitives of IPFS and IPNS. While our description talks primarily about archived web pages, we proposed the concept of IPMT and namespacing so that it can be used in […]

From Theory to Practice – 3

Title: A Question of Character: How do we automatically recharacterize data at cloud scales? Author(s): Jack O’Sullivan, David Clipsham, Divyesh Soni, Richard Smith and Jonathan Tilbury Abstract: Many preservation actions that we undertake on digital content are driven by the format of the content in question. Format information is often determined at the point of […]

From Theory to Practice – 2

Title: Creating Digital Preservation Plans: Leveraging Expertise Across Your Organization Author(s): Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Thomas Gremo and Sherrine Thompson Abstract: The creation of Digital Preservation Plans requires leveraging a wide range of archival expertise. Our panel will discuss each of the components we have identified for inclusion in our preservation plans, along with specific skills and […]