From Theory to Practice – 1

Title: 2013 – 2023: A Review of Ten Years of Email Archiving in France Author(s): Marion Ville Abstract: Emails are an essential medium of communication. Their management is an organizational, security, legal and financial issue for all organizations.The interdepartmental digital archiving Vitam program, which develops a digital archives management system on behalf of the French […]

Sustainability – 4

Title: The Curricular Asset Warehouse At The University Of Illinois: A Digital Archive’s Sustainability Case Study Author(s): Remco van Veenendaal, Lotte Wijsman, Jacob TakemaKarin Hodgin Jones, Jimi Jones, Robyn Bianconi and Liam Moran and Marin Rappard Abstract: What happens to the devices that host digital objects – hard drives, monitors, computer peripherals, storage media – […]

Sustainability – 3

Title: Around for Decades, Gone in a Flash: How we dealt with Flash objects and the National Archives of the Netherlands Author(s): Remco van Veenendaal, Lotte Wijsman, Jacob Takema and Marin Rappard Abstract: In 2020, Adobe announced that they would end support for Adobe Flash Player. Initially, we (the preservation team at the National Archives […]

Sustainability – 2

Title: Repository Staff Perspectives on the Benefits of Trustworthy Digital Repository Certification Author(s): Rebecca D. Frank Abstract: This paper reports on the results from a qualitative study that asks whether and how staff members from TRAC certified repositories find value in the audit and certification process. While some interviewees found certification valuable, others argued that […]

Sustainability – 1

Title: I Got A Letter From My Past Self: (Un)managed Change and Provenance Author(s): Rhiannon Bettivia, Yi-Yun Cheng and Michael Gryk Abstract: Significant properties (sigProps) research often focuses on the preservation targets. Yet research consistently shows that what is significant about an object is not necessarily inherent to objects. Simultaneously, sigProps research does not adequately attend […]