Keynote Speaker – Sherry Williams

Abstract: During the iPRES 2022 conference, Tamar Evangelestia-Dougherty called the digital preservation community to deepen our partnerships with community archives and organizations. She asked us to listen to their experiences and to open ourselves to their perspectives and wisdom in preserving cultural heritage resources in digital form while committing ourselves to long-term relationships. In alignment […]

Keynote Speaker – Quinn Dombrowski

Takes All Kinds: Grassroots Digital Preservation in a Crisis and Beyond  Abstract: Digital preservation is like any other kind of preservation: it rarely happens by itself, is crucially dependent on choices made by people, and diverse perspectives and priorities increase the amount of material that will survive. Unfortunately, widespread misperceptions about digital content — including […]

Keynote Speaker – Dr. Ricardo Punzalan

Reciprocity, Reparative Actions, and Decolonial Work  Abstract: Reckoning with the colonial complicity and legacy of institutions requires unpacking the promises and challenges of decolonial work. We must also take care to clarify the context of digital repatriation as reciprocal and reparative action. This talk will explore these issues as they relate to cultural collections, through […]