Ad-Hoc – Session 6

Title: Birds of a Feather: (f)LOCKSS Together! Facilitator(s): Snowden Becker Description: This session is for current LOCKSS members, LOCKSS software users, and the LOCKSS-curious too! iPRES presents our first opportunity in years to come together as a user community, share what’s new with the LOCKSS Program and the rollout of LOCKSS 2.0, and discuss strategic […]

Ad-Hoc – Session 5

Title: Teachers of Digital Preservation Facilitator(s): Louise Curham Description: I’d really welcome the opportunity to bring together those of us involved in teaching digital preservation in university courses. Not all of us have practical experience of digital preservation. It would be extremely useful to share notes and experiences. Here’s a possible call out for participation: […]

Ad-Hoc – Session 4

Title: OCFL V2 BoF Discussion Facilitator(s): Neil Jefferies Description: The Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL) aims to define an efficient, software-independent method for storing complex, versioned digital objects. A key aim is to simplify and potentially eliminate the migration of preserved digital objects when preservation systems inevitably change, since this action represents a signficant risk […]

Ad-Hoc – Session 3

Title: Digital Preservation Storage Criteria Game Facilitator(s): Cynthia Wu Description: We propose to share a revision of the Digital Preservation Storage Criteria Game, first played at iPRES 2018. Players will learn about the Criteria (preservation storage considerations for digital material), consider how they are important in different contexts, and practice explaining why they’re important in […]

Ad-Hoc – Session 2

Title: Play Gumboots Australia on Emulation-as-a-Service Infrastructure Author(s): Cynde Moya Description: Learn about our new ARC LEIF funded project, The Australian Emulation Network, by collaboratively playing an Australian geography game on an Emulation-as-a-Service Windows 98 SE emulator. Time:11:00 AM – 11:40 AM (CT) Type: Game  ————————————- Title: Where are we Now? 2022-2023 NDSA Web Archiving […]

Ad-Hoc – Session 1

Title: Acronym Soup  Author(s): Jenn Roberts  Description: Flash card game using acronyms common to digital preservation but also software development and archival domains.  This game is in-person only. A virtual version of the game will be played on Friday, September 22 at 9:50 AM CT (Ad-Hoc 6).  Time:11:00 AM – 11:40 AM (CT) Type: Game  […]